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WR Seltzers


High Noon Passionfruit

No wonder where Passionfruit gets its name. When subtly tangy meets refreshingly sweet, it's instant chemistry. Your tastebuds are bound to fall in love.

High Noon Peach

Bursting with fresh-picked, sun-drenched, perfectly ripe flavors. Juicier than an early-2000s tracksuit. Pairs well with porch swing sunsets, cut off shorts, and long days at the lake.

High Noon Watermelon

Backyard barbecue's best friend. This hard seltzer is the real deal. An easy-drinking, natural match for people who know Saturdays are holidays.

High Noon Black Cherry

A juicy burst of flavor that's a little tangy and a little sweet, always bubbly and bright. Tastes like crashing a rooftop bar for an impromptu pool party (with a dozen of your closest friends).

White Claw Natural Lime

ABV 5% Every sip is met with a purely refreshing, zesty citrus aroma and a clean, crisp finish.

White Claw Raspberry

ABV 5% Where fresh, ripe raspberry flavor meets cold, crisp refreshment. Sweet yet tart.

White Claw Mango

ABV 5 % Enjoy pure refreshment with this sweet, summer fruit flavor of ripe mangos.

White Claw Black Cherry

ABV 5 % Black Cherry seamlessly balances the tartness and sweetness of a ripe summer cherry.
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